How We buy


For our grocery aisle products we consider, in addition to price, where the product is from and how it is produced.  We have a network of diverse suppliers that allows us to search out the best.  When the option exists, we will always choose Canadian produced brands over imports, ecologically responsible production over bottom price and quality ingredients over fillers and preservatives.  We strive to bring you the best for affordability and quality while not leaving out those comfort classics.


For our organic produce we always know the country of origin.  Our focus is on brining you what is in season.  We work to give you the diversity of product you crave while being conscious of how far your food traveled before it arrives in your kitchen.  You may not see all of the products in the quiet of winter, but rest assured when those brussels sprouts are growing farther north they will be here for you! 

We are building relationships with farmers in our region and are so excited to bring you products from your back yard, available to purchase 7 days a week.  Check our Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables page throughout the growing season to find all the freshest vegetables and produce.


At Nest we want to give you the options to purchase meat raised on BC farms as well as an opportunity to support local businesses.  

Watch for sustainable seafood coming to you soon from our freezer.

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We are always exploring options for small Canadian company health and beauty products.  Expect to see more of these products soon. Use the search feature on our site to find all small Canadian based business products.

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As close to home as it gets, any product in our store that is made right here in Revy can be found by using the searching Revy Local using the search feature on our site.

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